Close learning spaces

enCurso brings quality university education and education entities to large communities through distributed and nearby centers in the main cities of Colombia.


Thanks to telepresence, in enCurso a student can simultaneously enjoy the advantages of virtual and in-person instruction, eliminating the other two models' disadvantages.


Benefits for each type of education delivery:

What we offer

Institutions can differentiate their programs from the commoditized offers found in the thousands for virtual education. Additionally, they will find:


Access to the best classroom infrastructure located in the major cities of Colombia, close to high-demand work or residential areas, without the need to invest in building or maintaining it.

Student Recruitment and Management

Recruiting and pre-registration of students, classroom and schedule management, verification of class attendance, and exam proctoring.

Sale of courses to companies

According to the location of each center, we can offer nearby companies the most relevant programs from each university or educational institution that work with us.

Academic Monitors

We can offer and manage academic monitors or assistants to accompany students' educational experiences if programs require it.

Our Centers

Our centers have classrooms for 16 to 24 students, equipped with the best technological tools that allow a teacher to teach a class by telepresence to one or more groups. The modular design of our classrooms, facilitates different configurations that fit the student’s, teacher's and program's needs.

See classroom typologies.

Where we are

Strategic cities in Colombia.

Who we are

We have a team of excellent professionals.

Jerónimo Castro

For the last twenty years, director of COLFUTURO, an entity that supports Colombian students to pursue masters and doctoral degrees abroad. During his tenure, the foundation went from supporting one hundred students to 1,835 in 2023 (USD 77 million in support for the next two years). Through his work with the foundation, Jerónimo has met and established close relationships with several of the world's most prestigious universities, making him a great connoisseur of global education systems.

Felipe Botero & Cristina de la Torre

For 20 years, they have managed IT Talent, a provider of training and learning classrooms. They have served over 20,000 students from 50 companies and institutions in 40 municipalities and locations in Colombia. IT Talent has focused primarily on training programmers and IT experts. National and international institutions and companies such as IYF, AID, IDB, the United Nations, the International Organization for Migration, SENA, the Procurator's Office, Microsoft, Amazon, the National University, the University of the Andes, and Pearson, among others, have sponsor IT Talent projects.

Pilar Acosta

At the beginning of the 90s, she founded Interacción Multimedia, a pioneer in Colombia in editorial and business multimedia content. Later, after the sale of the company, she worked for some time in a technology company. More recently, she led a six-year mathematics teaching project in several schools in the country in partnership with HeyMath!, an Indian company.


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